Art in Florence: Top Twenty Artworks to See Before You Leave

ART_IN_FLORENCEAs adamant fans of the art in Florence, it often breaks our hearts to hear that travelers to this fair city miss out on some of Florence’s renowned works. Of course there are many reasons to visit this multi-faceted town, but one of the main motivations has always been to see Florence’s breathtaking painting, sculpture, and architecture. According to UNESCO (although it may be a somewhat Western centric view), 60% of the world’s most important works of art are located in Italy and approximately half of these are in Florence.
Art_of_florenceEveryday we see tourists herded into the Uffizi and Accademia as if they are the only two museums in Florence and countless more make the mistake of thinking that because there is no line outside the many other museums and churches, that there is nothing to see inside. On the contrary, there are many places in Florence that are full of masterpieces and (relatively speaking) empty of tourists. In response to this trend, we’ve made this list of the art in Florence that (we believe) everyone should see before they leave (in truth, the list is WAY longer than this. We had to narrow it down. And then narrow again); some works will be familiar, while others, I guarantee, will be completely new.
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Photo of the Week: Philosophy is Hard

Photo of the Week: Philosophy is Hard

A little funny for your Tuesday.
If you’re in Florence tonight, enjoy Notte Bianca!

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Travel Tips by Carrie: What to Pack

travel_tips_by_CarrieWhat to pack…
This question seems to plague many even when taking a trip as short as two days. Imagine a month or even a semester in Italy! I, on the other hand, love to pack. If you don’t believe me, see my Top Ten Tips for Packing Luggage or my Favorite Things series. At the end of my last vacation, I spent the evening with a friend packing her suitcases.
One of my very favorite things is the PACK THIS Packing List (see image below). It really is the ultimate travel and packing list, leaving nothing out. Well, okay, I think it leaves a few important things out. There are some items that are rarely included on standard packing lists and that I believe can make all of the difference. The good news is that you likely have all of these items at home already and they are all also light as a feather (AKA won’t contribute to that critical weight limit).
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Sandwich Wars: Il Cernacchino

Battle No.5
The Challenger: Il Cernacchino
For rules, regulations, and a fascinating review of sandwich history, see here. For our current rankings, see this blog’s side bar.
Just when you thought I couldn’t eat another panino…Sandwich Wars returns!
Quick review: The ranks didn’t change much after last month’s battle with Gustapanino. All’Antico Vinaio is still in first place with their outright ridiculous Finocchiona panino. Da’Vinattieri remains close behind with their super salty, and downright addictive, porchetta sandwich. I think they’re getting a little cozy up there at the top, don’t you?
Florence_paninoThis month I needed something new to shake things up. I started asking my friends established in the gastronomic scene here in Florence where they were getting their panini these days. Someone mentioned a place called Il Cernacchino, on Via Condotta, right in the center of Florence, just off Piazza della Signoria. I had never heard of it and I was skeptical. My first thought was, it will be crazy crowed. Nope. Ok, well then it will definitely be overprized. Not at all. Alright then, get ready for a disappointment taste-wise. Wrong again.
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Photo of the Week: Spring in Italy!

Photo of the Week: Spring in Italy!

Wisteria. In Italian it is called glicine (GLY-she-ne) and it is one of the telltale signs of spring here in Italy. It starts blooming over walls, under gates, and around corners from inside hidden gardens you never knew existed. Even if you can’t see it, the streets are suddenly full of the fragrance of these delicate purple flowers, letting you know that it’s springtime again. Like most of the April and May blooms, they only last a few weeks, so I take every opportunity to hunt down the best and most fragrant examples. This particular display of sprawling branches all stem from a single trunk and spread out over the entirety of a large canopy covering a courtyard outside Pompeii. Apparently, it’s one of the wisteria plant’s particular abilities to grow quite far from its main source. The largest known example spreads over 43,560 square feet.

While I was researching wisteria to learn more about this amazing plant (technically in the pea family), one site described them thus: “Among their attributes are hardiness, vigor, longevity and the ability to climb high.” I think that is exactly the kind of plant we all need to see in spring. (For now we’ll just ignore this other little detail: “mature wisteria can become immensely strong with heavy wrist-thick trunks and stems. These will certainly rend latticework, crush thin wooden posts, and can even strangle large trees.”) Aw. They’re very pretty and don’t know their own strength. Sounds like a lot of people I know.

Happy Spring.

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