Ten Things to Look Forward to When Studying Abroad in Italy!



flew back to Florence just a few days ago after the Holidays and saw gaggles of study abroad students meeting in the airport, catching flights and talking about their upcoming semester abroad. It made me feel super nostalgic. If I could go back and relive the first time I walked through the streets of Florence I would do it in a heartbeat. You just have SO MUCH to look forward to. It took me back and I spent my flight remembering my first few days, and weeks, and months in this amazing country. There were of course some difficult things to adjust to, but all I could remember were the amazing, life changing, beautiful things. That feeling of being in the most enchanted place on earth and doing my best to live every moment to the fullest while simultaneously pinching myself to ensure it was all real. Nothing quite captures that magical feeling.

While each of your experiences will be different, I hope each one is life changing, heart wrenching and beautiful too. So here are just 10 (it was quite hard to limit myself) of the amazing things that made me fall in love with my life in Italy. Hopefully they are some of yours too.
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Last Days in Florence: Awards & Bloopers

Study_abroad_FlorenceGoing through pictures at the end of a session is one of my favorite activities. I get to relive the trips and remember all the amazing things we got to see, learn, eat, and experience. It’s like watching the summer unfold once again before my eyes and it always makes me a bit nostalgic even though, as I remind myself, our adventure only just ended. So today, in honor of our students (who made the adventure possible and who we really miss), I’ve written a special post. A post I would like to dedicate to another amazing summer, another amazing group of students, and another (temporary) farewell to Florence (try and stay away, I dare you).
Now, to ensure that no one gets to the end of this post weeping from Florence withdrawal, I took the liberty of adding a special section to lighten the mood. Here’s hoping you laugh as much as I did. To the amazing women of Select Study Abroad 2013! Miss you ladies!!Florence_forever Continue reading…

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