Tips & Tricks for a day in Cinque Terre

Italy_coastlineSummer is around the corner and some of you are beginning to plan your trips to Italy. Many of my friends and family that come to visit during the summer months usually have one thing in mind: the beach. Excellent plan. While there is lots of “coastline” to choose from in Italy, Cinque Terre (chink-way ter-re), or the five earths (aka towns), has risen to the top of the popular spots for tourists. This is an especially great escape from Florence (which can be very hot during the summer) and can easily be done in a day!

Recently, while writing to a friend who is planning just such a day trip, I was trying to remember all the ins and outs and I realized that there were maybe a few more than the average person can just “pick up,” especially if the Italian is limited. So I thought, why not make it easy (for me and for others) and put it all in one place. Below you will find all the need-to-know info from how to get there for less to what you can skip to save time and from where to hike to where not to. Of course we’ll tackle the food, I mean, the cuisine is worth the trip in itself, but we’ll also be sure you know how to make it home without getting stranded there (unless that is part of the plan). Enjoy and see you there this summer!
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Alpha Delta Pi is going to Florence!

select-ad-pi-DIAMOND_2adpi_pack_your_bagsWe’re so excited to announce a new summer session dedicated to the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi! Get ready for an entire month abroad in Florence to travel, explore, and bond in Italy all while earning college credit!
If you’re an ADPi sister or know one, check out all the amazing adventures that await!

Let’s spread the word, because Florence is forever…

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Last Days in Florence: Awards & Bloopers

Study_abroad_FlorenceGoing through pictures at the end of a session is one of my favorite activities. I get to relive the trips and remember all the amazing things we got to see, learn, eat, and experience. It’s like watching the summer unfold once again before my eyes and it always makes me a bit nostalgic even though, as I remind myself, our adventure only just ended. So today, in honor of our students (who made the adventure possible and who we really miss), I’ve written a special post. A post I would like to dedicate to another amazing summer, another amazing group of students, and another (temporary) farewell to Florence (try and stay away, I dare you).
Now, to ensure that no one gets to the end of this post weeping from Florence withdrawal, I took the liberty of adding a special section to lighten the mood. Here’s hoping you laugh as much as I did. To the amazing women of Select Study Abroad 2013! Miss you ladies!!Florence_forever Continue reading…

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Highlights From Our Final Trip: Venice & Verona

Venice_ItalyThere is no combination of cities that screams romance more than Venice and Verona. Verona, the city where Romeo and Juliet supposedly once lived, and Venice, the city where, if they had really lived, they would have spent their honeymoon. It’s nothing like anywhere else in Italy and there is no use trying to describe it in words, it simply must be seen to be believed. It’s always a favorite so we always leave it for last. With three days in this enchanting city we have plenty of time to see the sites, get lost in the winding streets, watch a glass blowing demonstration, ride a gondola, and take a special trip out to one of the smaller islands off of Venice that many people visiting for the first time never manage to see. This summer we ventured to the stunning and surreal Island of Burano. Enjoy!

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Highlights from Week Three: Cinque Terre, Chianti & Siena

Week_three_tripsWhy go to just one new place when you can go to…say…three? Our thoughts exactly. This week, instead of going to one city, we went to three very different locations: Cinque Terre, Chianti (Montefioralle), and Siena. Essentially, in one weekend we saw the Italian coast, the Tuscan countryside, and one of Italy’s most beloved hill towns. What else could one ask for?! Oh, right. We also ate…like queens. Would you expect anything less? I thought not. Onto the pictures!
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