Italian culture through its food.

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Cooking Class One of the only ways to really learn and appreciate Italian cuisine is to cook it yourself. Select Study Abroad offers at least one cooking class for all its students each session with one of LdM’s most popular teachers, Marco Cinotti. All students (whether or not they are enrolled in a cooking course) get to experience the joy of preparing and then indulging in an Italian feast! Everyone is hands-on in the kitchen and leaves with the recipes and a much better understanding of this ancient art form.

Visiting the Market The first step to cooking is getting supplies. Find out how different shopping for food can be at a traditional Italian market instead of a grocery store. Ask your butcher where his meat is from, find out what to pair with your cheese, and learn the difference between the various kinds of olive oil from the experts.

Gelato Demonstrations Gelato in Italy is ubiquitous. Every tourist will have it at least once while visiting. However, you will walk away with an understanding of how it is made and why it is different than ice cream back home.

Wine Tasting In Italy wine is food. It is to be eaten at meals and is as essential to the overall experience as cheese or bread. Learn what centuries of cultivation of the grape have wrought and how wine has changed through the decades.

Olive Oil Tasting If you have never had real olive oil from Italy (and chances are you haven’t) then its time to learn about one of Italy’s other most important gastronomic products. What they call olive oil will taste like nothing you have ever had back home. Learn about what the terms “extra virgin” and “virgin” really mean and find out how many different ways this liquid has been used in the past.

Cheese Sampling The cheeses of Italy rank among the best in the world. Each region has its specialty and, like all Italian food, a history. Take a journey through Italy’s regions via its cheeses and learn what is involved in the delicate process.

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