Blog Updates: Vintage & Shoe Shopping

The other day I went for a walk in centro while I was waiting to meet a friend and was struck by how many things had changed. This is Florence, Italy and stores do not typically come and go with nearly the speed or regularity as they do in most major American cities. In fact, most places in Italy are famous for remaining miraculously unchanged and wonderfully familiar each time you return. Perhaps this is why it struck me even more walking around a city I once believed I knew inside and out. This also got me thinking about some of our most popular blogs and if perhaps they were in need of an aggiornamento (update). Turns out, they were. So we’ve gone back and redone two of our followers’ favorites with updated addresses, phone numbers, and information while also adding some new tips and tricks to help you conquer the vintage and leather shoe world of Florence, Italy. Enjoy!
Tips for Shoe Shopping in Florence

Best Vintage Shopping in Florence

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Monthly Markets: Ciompi Antique Fair

Hello all you market lovers! We are coming to the final Sunday of the month and this means I need to discuss my neighborhood antique market in Piazza dei Ciompi (near Piazza Ambrogio on the northeast side of Florence). This wonderful little nook of the city is not on the standard itineraries of Florence, but should be! Besides having an interesting history (to be discussed below), this little piazza is home to a permanent antique/flea market open Monday through Saturday. Should your schedule not permit you to stay in the city for one of the regular monthly markets, this piazza is full of treasures and trinkets to satisfy any market lover’s thirst for the old and/or the odd.antique_florenceIf, however, you can work it into your schedule, on the last Sunday of month the market doubles in size and draws antique sellers from all over Tuscany for the day. Though the products are similar to those you find at the Fortezza da Basso antique market, this is much more centrally located. Piazza dei Ciompi is also situated among a slew of places to eat, drink and enjoy your Sunday along with a side of window (or real) shopping. It is my favorite place to go to convince myself to buy the various items I think I need, but clearly don’t. For example, those vintage snowshoes from the 1940s that look like they were designed by someone as mad as Leonardo. Yes, I need those. You never know when a blizzard could hit Florence. Have you seen my photos of last year’s blizzard in Rome? I want to be ready this time and the Ciompi antique market is here to help.
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