Blog Updates: Vintage & Shoe Shopping

The other day I went for a walk in centro while I was waiting to meet a friend and was struck by how many things had changed. This is Florence, Italy and stores do not typically come and go with nearly the speed or regularity as they do in most major American cities. In fact, most places in Italy are famous for remaining miraculously unchanged and wonderfully familiar each time you return. Perhaps this is why it struck me even more walking around a city I once believed I knew inside and out. This also got me thinking about some of our most popular blogs and if perhaps they were in need of an aggiornamento (update). Turns out, they were. So we’ve gone back and redone two of our followers’ favorites with updated addresses, phone numbers, and information while also adding some new tips and tricks to help you conquer the vintage and leather shoe world of Florence, Italy. Enjoy!
Tips for Shoe Shopping in Florence

Best Vintage Shopping in Florence

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Novità: New Favorite Store In Florence

All things new.
They may not be new to Florence, but they’re news to me.

company_storeI don’t want to pretend to be some savvy shopper who knows all the ins and outs of Florence’s consumer culture. But I do frequent the vintage spots and I do keep my eye open for those special stores that break the mold. Admittedly, there are not as many as you might think. Tourism being what it is, often the same store in a different form but selling the same paper, leather bound books, and renaissance inspired quills will do the trick.
Well a few weeks ago, I found one that broke the mold. Many molds. More molds than I knew there actually were.
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Monthly Markets: Antiques at the Fortress da Basso

Welcomeback to our monthly installment of the best markets in Florence! Last month, we checked out the Santo Spirito Flea Market that takes place in Piazza Santo Spirito on the 2nd Sunday of every month. It kicks off the monthly Sunday markets and is a veritable Smörgåsbord of all the wonderful offerings you will find at a typical Florentine outdoor weekend market. If you missed the post, read up here!
This month, we’ll hone in on one particular market genre (old stuff!) that is the main event on the 3rd Saturday & Sunday antique market at the Fortezza da Basso. Now, this is not to be confused with the smaller and more central antique market that happens at Piazza dei Ciompi on the 4th Sunday of the month (to be covered soon!). The Fortezza market is a bit harder to get to, but is well worth the effort as it is larger, a bit more authentic, better priced, and set in a winning venue: around a small pond in the park next to the huge fortress at the northwest corner of Florence.
Antique Market at the Fortezza da Basso Gardens:antique_market_2 Continue reading…

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