Guest Blogger: Deb’s Fav Due Fratellini Panino (the love of her life)

Welcome our Guest Blogger, Deb!

Deb was a Select Study Abroad student and hands-down one of the most adventurous eaters I have ever met (and she has steep competition, ahem, Jane…). I loved that if we told her to try something she didn’t hesitate. It was after our very first day in Florence that she fell in love with a little panino (sandwich) shop and well…let’s just say it verged into the realm of obsession. We here at Select Study Abroad encourage that…especially when it comes to food in our favorite city. Going to Florence, Italy? You will want to know about this…

The one and only #27. My favorite thing about this photo is Deb's cute little feet peeking out in the background.

What does this look like to you?

Just a sandwich, you say?

Or perhaps, yes, it looks like some salami sticking out of what looks like a pretty decent roll.
Or maybe you’re a vegetarian, in which case, this looks like something you would never want to lay your hands on.
Or maybe, just maybe, you are one of the very privileged people who have not only traveled to Italy, (specifically Florence), but have experienced what in my opinion is one of the best sandwiches you could ever eat. If you could be so lucky, you would look at this picture and recognize it as a little drop of heaven on earth made by our friends at Due Fratellini (translation: two brothers).
What you see here is my personal favorite – #27. Spicy salami and goat cheese…need I say more? Well, I guess I will. For 2.50 Euro, you can have one, too! That is if you know where to find Due Fratellini, and if you can manage to get there at a time where the line isn’t down the street and around the corner. (I’ve waited… it’s still worth it, but don’t go if you’re in a rush!) Just for those of us traveling for the first time to Italy, you will not find this little hole in the wall sandwich shop in your travel books, which you will come to find is a good thing. If it were, the line would instantly triple in size, and we don’t want that. In fact, the line is what gains most of its attention. Several times as I was walking away with my sandwich and my Coke-Lite, I would hear people looking down the alley-way mumbling, “Wow that place must be good” or “We have to check that out tomorrow.”

The little hole-in-the-wall...literally!

Every day after my class ended at 11:45, I would walk towards the Duomo and speed through the tourists to get to Frat’s just in time to beat the lunch rush. Fratellini’s is also quite a gem because unlike many of the restaurants that shut down in the middle of the day for a break, Frat’s stays open! My friends came to recognize that I only truly liked them if I brought them to Frat’s for lunch, because then they knew that I was willing to sacrifice yet another person who may be in line, or who may tell even more people about this secret little place. Little did they know that it was just my own selfish way of getting them to order something other than #27 so I could try it for myself. I must say, it was my favorite and I just couldn’t force myself to buy anything else there. However, a few other popular orders are the Prosciutto and Mozzarella, and the Tomato, Rocket (Rucola), and Mozzarella combo.
For all of you vegetarians, you’ll be happy to hear that they have many options for you, too! And if you’re just not a sandwich person, well, Frat’s also has a great selection of wine that you can sip on. Friendly service is paired with delicious food…how could you go wrong?
So, if I have convinced you enough, or maybe you’re just curious and want to see. Come check them out at Via del Cimatori 38/r (see map below). They can also be found on Facebook, as well as on their website.
Buon appetito!

Thank you Deb! Mio dio! This made us so hungry! So hungry, in fact, that we went to the Fratellini website and made a wonderful discovery! They have their menu online and it is not just a list…it has photos! So without further adieu…we bring you…The Fratellini Photo Menu:

Map of Due Fratellini:

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