Monthly Markets: The Florence Flower Market

It’s my favorite time again. Time to talk markets in Florence. In our posts thus far, we have covered the large monthly markets in the city. For those of you who can’t plan a journey around the second or fourth or whatever Sunday of a given month, we have a solution: weekly markets! Going forward, we will be highlighting some of Florence’s best weekly markets. Unlike the monthly markets, which tend to be during the weekends, most of the weekly markets fall on weekdays. For those of you whose schedule will permit a visit to one or more of these, I highly recommend it! These market “staples” are some of my favorite weekday activities. Although, word to the wise, those who can’t resist trinkets and treasures when they are sold in outdoor market form, may want to get in the habit of leaving their wallets at home.
Considering today is the first of April and the sun is shining outside, the Florence Flower market seems an especially appropriate start to this series. This particular weekly market falls on Thursdays and, as the name indicates, specializes in one thing: flowers & plants.flower_market
Piazza Repubblica Flower Market:

Basic Info:
When: Every Thursday (see calendar below)
Time: 10am – 7pm (the earlier you go, the better the selection)
Where: Under the loggia along Via Pellicceria in Piazza della Repubblica (see map below)
Notes: Cash only. Bargaining acceptable, within reason.

Every Thursday, plant and flower vendors gather under the portico on the south-west side of Piazza della Repubblica (see map below). They span the entire length, from Via degli Strozzi to Via Porta Rossa (roughly from the BNL bank to the post office) along Via Pellicceria. There is every imaginable kind of plant, from succulents to herbs, and items for every occasion: bouquets, flowers by the stem, and potted houseplants. They are all extremely fresh and reasonably priced. Each week the selection changes depending on what flowers are in season and the holiday weeks are punctuated with specialty items like wreaths for Christmas and mimosa for Women’s day. flower_Market_florenceSome of the vendors, one woman who sells primarily herbs, for example, is also a frequent participant in the Santo Spirito Organic Market. If I can’t carry everything, I usually hold off on her goods until Sunday. She and the other vendors are all extremely knowledgably and will give you tips on how to care for the plants. If you’re looking for long-term tenants, it may be best to describe your home’s specific light situation (and your potential forgetfulness) first so you don’t waste your money on a plant that won’t survive.
Even if you’re not buying, it’s lovely just to see the sprawling floral displays and listen to the price haggling or learn the Italian word for your favorite flower. It’s a great spot for some gorgeous and colorful photographs as well as just a nice morning stroll. Additionally, for those of you who are only in our fair city for a short time, it’s nice to know that this is one of the markets you can almost always catch.

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