Highlights from Week One of Select Study Abroad!

It’s that time again. Not just summer, but also the time where our world stops and we get to take some of the best students (ever!) around some of the best cities in one of the best countries, for an entire month. The first week is always a favorite. Everyone fights off the jet lag and tries to stay awake so as not to miss one precious moment. We were blessed with some breathtaking sunsets on our first week in Florence and some glorious Pisa-Leaning-Tower-photo-bomb-magic during our first weekend trip to Pisa and Lucca. Can I just say…it is already going too fast.
Check out the magic below.

First Trip:
Below are some highlights from our amazing series of Pisa Leaning Tower photos. This is a required activity on Pisa day. I know it seems like everything that could be done has been done, but that is most definitely NOT the case. For example, no one has booty bumped with the tower with as much force as Rachel. And I can’t remember ever seeing anyone blow the tower a kiss (one that literally knocks it off its “feet”) as Kirstyn did. And don’t even get me started on the chest bump that is happening below. All in all, creativity was at a very high level. As was flexibility…
pisa_bump1pisa_bump2pisa_jump_for_joyAs if Lucca’s massive stone 500 year-old walls that circle the entirely of this quaint little town were not enough, they had to throw in some flag throwers. Obviously we all really really wanted a pair of those orange fire tights. Still working on that (apparently this is not a common request). Of course, no day in Lucca is complete without a bike ride around the walls. You haven’t seen Lucca until you’ve seen it flying by on a cruiser with the wind in your hair and your iPhone playing a soundtrack. Ideally Puccini. Check in soon for more updates on the month’s activities!
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