Highlights from Week Two: When in Rome…

Week two is always a special time. Classes are underway, jet lag has worn off, and Florence is starting to feel more and more like home. This always seems like a great time to shake things up by leaving our Tuscan home for a little southern Italy adventure. What other city could possibly give Florence a run for its money? Answer: Rome. However, we here at Select Study Abroad refuse to do Rome in a day (especially in the summer). That is a particularly awful form of torture reserved for one of Dante’s deepest levels of hell. We like to take our time. Over a three-day weekend we see as much of this gorgeous city as we can, we throw in a Pompeii visit, and we break it all up with gratuitous pizza and gelato stops. You know, when in Rome…

Day 1: Pantheon, Vatican, Saint Peter’s (a.k.a. Michelangelo, Michelangelo, and more Michelangelo)
First stop, the Pantheon, the most gorgeous building on the planet (yes, we are biased). Below we have included photos of the breathtaking coffered ceiling as well as our students photographing said ceiling so as to prove to you that it is in fact real and not a photoshopped invention. Something I have to remind myself of often.
PantheonPantheon_photo_opWe also make sure everyone was aware of the strict NO YOGA rules in the Pantheon. Note: the woman on the right DOES NOT know the rules. Humph. Let’s have some respect people. Pantheon_rulesAfter the Vatican museums and the Sistine Ceiling (where our illegal photo taking was foiled by grumpy guards) we made our way to Saint Peter’s Basilica where we saw this. Just let it sink in. Oh and hand Carrie some tissues.

These photos were taking in the dramatic light streaming in from the Dome of Saint Peter (ahem, Mich again).Saint_peter_light
Day 2: Pompeii & Trevi Fountain
One of out favorite stops, the Stabian Baths of Pompeii. No tour of Pompeii is complete without a thorough understanding of their ancient plumbing, baths, and toilets. Yes, toilets. Obviously, we brought illustrated reconstructions of all of the above. pompeii_bathsIf the Gladiatorial events at the amphitheater had cheerleaders we’d have it covered.pompeii_poseCase in point.pompeii_cartwheel
Later that night we saw the Trevi Fountain the only way the Trevi Fountain should be seen, at night. Coins were thrown and wishes were made. They may have been for more gelato. This wish has already been granted.
trevi_pairsOh and we passed by this thing on the way home…what is it called again?colosseum_by_night
Day 3: Colosseum & Roman Forum
We leave you with the winner this week of most-awesomest photo…TA DAH!Weeks_best_photo

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