Time out: What have we been eating in Florence?!

We realized the other day (in a moment of utter shock) that we had not put up a single photo of the amazing food we’ve been enjoying here in Florence. This is a travesty. We would like to remind family and friends that this by no means implies that food is not being consumed. On the contrary, some of us are upping our weekly workout routine to accommodate these amazing meals.
As a remedy to this serious oversight on our part, we would like to dedicate this special blog post to one recent meal, a particularly special meal in which we all ate like true Italians. What does that mean exactly, you ask? Oh nothing much, just 4-hours, 5-courses (not including wine and digestivos!) and as much talking and laughter as we could muster in between. It was a proud moment for us all.
The best part about the meal that is about to unfold before your eyes (warning: drooling may occur) was that it was a complete surprise. It was the brainchild of Davide Samà, owner of our favorite restaurant, Cesarino. We have mentioned Davide before (here and here). He is a very special part of Florence for us. When we go to eat with him, we never know what will come out of the kitchen and this night was no different. Enjoy!
(The before photo:)pre_dinnerAntipasto: Why settle for one thing when you can try five? We agree. On this one plate are five tasty little samplers, including a caprese salad (mozzarella, tomato, basil), prosciutto wrapped around melty stracchino cheese that could be enjoyed alone or with the coccoli (fried dough) just to its right, a seafood cous cous, and, finally, pecorino cheese covered in honey to end on a sweet note.antipastoPrimo: Next came the primo, usually a small pasta dish before the main course. Davide outdid himself. On this stunning plate is taglierini (a kind of Italian pasta) with radicchio or chicory, speck (smoked pork leg) and sliced truffle. Just look at the beauty. I think this deserves an up-close shot as well… truffle_pastatruffle_pasta_upcloseSecondo: now we have reached the main event, the second course (which is really the 3rd, but who’s counting). This is usually a meat or fish dish served with a vegetable side. I know we say it every time, but this really was the best thing Davide has ever made. Beef fillet, which was fried and then baked with thinly sliced lardo di Colonnata (cured lard from Colonnata, only the best lard there is!), topped with thinly sliced baked potatoes, and served in a bed of rocket (aka arugula). This.Was.To.Die.For. It tastes even better than it looks, we promise.steak_potatosteak_2Dolce #1: After all those courses we headed into dessert slowly with a lovely bowl of fresh berries and crema gelato, just to soothe the palate…you know…to get ready for maybe something more…umm…intense. gelato_fruttiIn the photo below Carrie is saying: “Oh was that not enough? Oh were you hoping for maybe one more course? Oh and did you want that to be covered in chocolate and love? Interesting…”eating_outWa-bam!cheesecake(The after photo:)after_dinner

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