Last Days in Florence: Awards & Bloopers

Study_abroad_FlorenceGoing through pictures at the end of a session is one of my favorite activities. I get to relive the trips and remember all the amazing things we got to see, learn, eat, and experience. It’s like watching the summer unfold once again before my eyes and it always makes me a bit nostalgic even though, as I remind myself, our adventure only just ended. So today, in honor of our students (who made the adventure possible and who we really miss), I’ve written a special post. A post I would like to dedicate to another amazing summer, another amazing group of students, and another (temporary) farewell to Florence (try and stay away, I dare you).
Now, to ensure that no one gets to the end of this post weeping from Florence withdrawal, I took the liberty of adding a special section to lighten the mood. Here’s hoping you laugh as much as I did. To the amazing women of Select Study Abroad 2013! Miss you ladies!!Florence_foreverThe Last Supper (one of the them at least)
Look at the way they color coordinated and then sat in exactly the right order. That’s the kind of dedication to aesthetics that you only learn in Italy!
Bloopers & Awards
One of the best things about our program is how close we all get. We get to know everyone’s habits and little peccadillos. As I went through the thousands of pictures we took I couldn’t help but notice these hilarious patterns shining through in the photographs and felt that they really deserved to be highlighted. This also gave us an excuse to hand out some very special awards to some very deserving recipients. Plus we get to reward ourselves for capturing it all on film by photoshopping them into hilarious vignettes. Win-win! Oh and you’re welcome!KirstynChelseaRachelAngelaIn fairness, there were some silly shots of us too and it’s only right that we include them as well. We are not too surprised that these revolved mostly around food and beverages with my classic I love pizza face and Carrie’s surprise face at the exploding prosecco on the gondola in Venice. If you’re lucky, more may surface.food_bloopers
Special shout out to Kirstyn who noticed another really important pattern emerging this summer: tiger fashion. Ok, by “tiger” we really just mean big cats since clearly not all of these are tigers and some of them have even been half morphed into giraffes and who even knows a tiger that carries a pocket watch in its mouth (answer: no one). Regardless, time for everyone to go out and grab their very own big kitty fashions…unless you want to be (gasp!) unfashionable.
A dopo!
We feel so lucky to have had the chance to spend enough time with these incredible women to even have noticed these adorable habits. We can’t wait to have our paths cross again in this incredible country on your next return trip to Florence! As I said, it’s hard to stay away for long. Here’s to another amazing summer!

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