Gluten Free in Italy? No Problem.

Gluten_free_recipeWhen it comes to food in Italy, my rule is: “try everything!” This becomes a bit harder once I learn what certain things are (sorry trippa and lampredotto, you never had a chance), but in general, I try and stick to it. I often feel a little bad for vegetarians traveling in Italy (Pancetta! Supplì! Bistecca!), and extra sorry for vegans (in Italy this eating concept is now generally recognized though not totally understood). However, there is one unexpected faction of diners that should have no fear eating their hearts out in Italy: visitors with celiac disease. Your immediate thought may be: “I am sorry, but are we talking about the land of pasta and focaccia?” And I say to you: “Yes, yes we are.”
Julia and Daniele, creators of Gluten Free Abroad Julia and Daniele, creators of Gluten Free AbroadAre thoughts of travel plans too long delayed spinning through your head? I imagined as much. Get those tickets and book your hotel, its time to try Italy, gluten free. Here to help with your desire for gastronomic adventure is a website called Gluten Free Abroad. This hub of gluten free eating outside the US was begun by my dear friends, Julia and Daniele, an American with celiac disease and her killer Italian cook of a husband. Together, they have found not only a way to eat healthily gluten free in Italy, but also to eat well! As the saying goes:

The site is already jam-packed with loads of information, maps, places to enjoy gluten free food, recipes, and even daily food itineraries for trips to some of the most coveted culinary Italian cities. Best part? It’s an interactive site. Now all it needs is you to fill it with reviews and opinions to help future gluten free travelers not waste one minute eating anything less than incredible.
Florence_mapWhy stop at Italy? Have you been gluten free in some other international city? Add your favorite eateries and let other visitors know where you dine like royalty sans gluten. All you need to do is sign up (it is all free, of course) and you can start adding locations, reviews, photos, etc. I have already reviewed my favorite gluten free pizza in Florence at Ciro & Sons. Next time I will wait the 2 seconds required to take a photo of said pizza before scarfing it down. Keep in mind, this gluten free pizza won awards. For those of you who have not had with-gluten pizza in a while, this may be better than some I’ve had recently. My cousin who was recently in town (who has celiac disease) was in heaven at Ciro’s. She went twice! Fantastic bonus: They sell the dry mix for the dough and will ship it anywhere you desire. All you need to do is add water!
Though I am not celiac, I enjoy eating gluten free and plan on adding some more reviews of other places I have tried. In the meantime, the Gluten Free Abroad Blog is getting added to the new blog roll! Keep an eye out for their upcoming reviews of gluten free products as well!

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