Select Study Abroad & ADPi: Visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Florence

RMHC_Firenze_2014_27Last Tuesday we made a special visit to the Ronald McDonald House here in Florence, Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropic partner since 1979. The house, just over one year old, is the most recent addition to the Italian case Ronald, including two in Rome, one in Brescia, and one in Puglia, inaugurated between 2007 and 2013. When we talked about how we could be of assistance to this particular house, we thought, seeing as we’re in Florence–a name which originates from a latin word meaning “flowering”–a garden just seemed like the right choice. So we came to give the house a little life, leave our mark, and spread some ADPi love across an ocean. It turned into an all day affiar, which, in 95-degree weather, included a little water fight and lots of sunscreen. In the end, we were able to plant a variety of new plants, including some very special flowers under the house’s olive tree called “Bocca de Leone,” which means “Mouth of the Lion” in honor of Alpha Delta Pi’s mascot Alphie the lion. The final touch, perhaps my favorite part, was a series of garden markers made from corks that have inspirational and positive words in both English and Italian. Walking through the garden we left, we will literally lift spirits (and perhaps teach someone a little English!). Speranza. Hope. RMHC_Firenze_2014_01RMHC_Firenze_2014_08RMHC_Firenze_2014_12RMHC_Firenze_2014_09RMHC_Firenze_2014_20RMHC_Firenze_2014_18RMHC_Firenze_2014_23RMHC_Firenze_2014_25RMHC_Firenze_2014_17RMHC_Firenze_2014_15BRMHC_Firenze_2014_02RMHC_Firenze_2014_31RMHC_Firenze_2014_33RMHC_Firenze_2014_34RMHC_Firenze_2014_28

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