Select Study Abroad & ADPi: Week Three in Florence!

This week was a doozy, in the best of ways. Where do we even begin? First, Venice, the floating city. Arguably the most magical place on earth, in our humble opinions, and it did not disappoint. We saw the gorgeous Byzantine Basilica of San Marco (where many of us were required to purchase extra “coverage” to get in), a glass blowing demonstration, WE WENT ON GONDOLA RIDES(!!), visited the Venetian Island of Burano (aka, candy land of Italy) and Murano, visited the gorgeous church known as the Frari and the Jewish Ghetto (ok, and maybe did a little shopping too). Then this week since we thought, hey, we’re on a roll, we saw the gorgeous sculptures by Michelangelo in the Medici chapel, ogled some amazing gowns in the Costume Gallery in the Pitti Palace, got in on a killer jewelry demonstration, went to most famous museum in Florence (also in Italy, and maybe even the world), the Uffizi, and even caught Italy’s Word Cup game. Up next? Cinqueterre, but that will have to wait until next week… Enjoy!Venetian_Fans San_marco_veniceSan_Marco_shawlsGlass_blowing_demoVenice_backdropwe_love_venice_2we_love_venezia_2We_love_venice_!We_love_veneziaGondola_rideGondola_fansGondola_princessesADPi_veniceVenice_via_gondolaGondola_veniceBurano_veniceBurano_islandVenice_islandsBridge_power_pointJewish_ghettoJewish_ghetto_veniceMichelangelo_medici_chapelPalazzo_pittiJewelry_demo2Cesarino_dinnerUffizi_gallerybirth_of_venusForza_azzuriItaly_game

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