Select Study Abroad June 2015: Rome & Tivoli!

Our weekend trip to the Eternal City was epic! Rome is a must on any Italy itinerary. But we don’t just see Rome, we LIVE IT! We spend our first evening in Vatican City. We begin with a visit the gorgeous and enormous Saint Peter’s Basilica to relish in its massive architecture and also pay homage to the amazing Pietà by Michelangelo. We follow that up with a special (and MUCH less crowded) nighttime tour of the Vatican museums, including the Sistine Chapel! Saturday afternoon we headed out for a tour of some of downtown Rome’s best sites, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and the famous Caffè Sant’Eustachio. Saturday night we ended with a bang, a private evening tour of the colosseum, which included visiting the subterranean tunnels of the amphitheater. Everything is better at night, but this was a dream come true for us. We can’t imagine seeing that amazing structure any other way. We ended the evening as any self-respecting Roman would, with a massive pasta dinner. Sunday we headed out of Rome to the nearby town of Tivoli to visit one of the most extensive Renaissance gardens in Italy, the Villa d’Este! We may or may not have also brought along some useful props. I am sure Renaissance ladies had parasols JUST like ours. What a trip. Still dreaming of the colosseum and the Villa waterfalls.
ROME!IMG_8390Saint Peter’s BasilicaSaintPetersSaint_petersSaint_peter_romeposta_vaticanoVatican MuseumsDSC00789Vatican_museumsPiazza Navona & the PantheonIMG_8394CNavona_fountainDSC00825Navona_fountianDSC00830Navona_facesMallory_navonaPiazza_Navona_1IMG_8440Colosseum!Colosseum_1colosseum_3adpi_alpha_phi_romecolosseum_2DSC00849DSC0087BIGcolosseum_inside_4colosseum_inside_2DSC00917DSC00924Colosseum_inside_01colosseum_inside_1colosseum_private_tourcolosseum_smilesTivoli and the Villa d’Este GardensDSC01003Tivoli_gorgeousTivoli_umbrellasTivoli_waterfallsTivoli_viewsIMG_8466Tivoli_smilesTivoli_3Tivoli_portraits_1IMG_8565IMG_8560

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