Select Study Abroad June 2015: Week One! (Pisa, Lucca, Duomo & David)

Almost exactly two weeks ago some pretty incredible Alpha Delta Pi & Alpha Phi ladies showed up in Florence and took the city by storm. We have been so busy doing, well, EVERYTHING, we barely noticed how much we’ve already done. Here’s a look back at just some of the highlights from week one! We start off with our first few days in Chianti at the stunning Villa Saulina to catch some sun (and some sleep after the long flight), followed by a trip to Pisa for some tower pictures and Lucca for some bike riding and tower climbing. Up next is our first day exploring Florence with an end-of-day picnic in the gorgeous Boboli Gardens for some stunning views and our first group dinner in our new city. Then the epic Duomo/Cathedral day where we scaled the massive Dome of Florence for the best views of the city you can find, and finally, of course, we visited with Michelangelo’s David. Yes. All this is just one week. And that’s only the beginning. DSC00249 DSC00307DSC00334DSC00283
Pisa & Lucca
Pisa_sunglassesPisa_tower_2Pisa_tower_1ThrowinginPisa What are perfect Pisa photos without some killer Pisa bloopers:Pisa_bloopersIMG_8165IMG_8178Lucca_vespasLucca_towerDSC00452BWLucca_tower_shotsLucca_amphitheaterLucca_chocolateFirst Florence Day & Boboli GardensDSC00508DSC00530DSC00534DSC00522DSC00514First Dinner in FlorenceDSC00572DSC00571zaza_firstdinnerDSC00556DSC00570Duomo Climb DayDSC00620Duomo_climbDSC00659DSC00617Duomo_tankIMG_8271IMG_8256DSC00652DSC00613ThrowingontheDuomoMichelangelo’s DavidDSC00682BWDavid_day

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