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curious about who is writing this blog and why? read on.
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Carrie, Sean & Kellin

Welcome to the Select Blog and thank you for your interest!
This is the group project of three devoted (is obsessed too strong a word?) Italophiles who have made their home in Italy on and off for the past 10+ years. We love nothing more than to write about it, take pictures of, think about it, and help others make their way among its winding streets and inestimable treasures with more comfort and ease.
We are all zealous art historians with our masters in Italian Renaissance Art History, so forgive us if we get a bit nerdy sometimes. We love this stuff. Please feel free to contact us with questions, post requests, comments and praise, or just for more information. We love getting emails. Seriously.
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Buon Viaggio!
Topics we tend to cover on our blog:

  • Florence
  • Italy
  • Italian Art History
  • Italian Language
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Cultural Events
  • Festivals
  • Travel Tips and Secrets
  • Suggested Trip Itineraries
  • Guided Tours
  • Other Italian Cities and Sites
  • Best of Florence
  • Best of Italy
  • Not-to-be-missed Lists
  • Happiness
  • Cheese