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St. John the Baptist = Patron Saint of Florence & One Awesome Guy

St. John the Baptist. What a guy. Am I right?

I don’t think I need to get into it (I mean J to the B was baptizing people, living in the woods, eating berries and bark, and wearing his camel skin cloak way before hipsters were doing it.) Check out his full saintly story here.

For our [...]

Michelangelo’s David: More Than Meets The Eye

As someone who lived in Florence for a number of years and lead countless students, tours, friends, and family to see Michelangelo’s David, I have been asked a variety of questions regarding this famous statue. Did Michelangelo model him after the real David? What was David’s last name? Why is his…ahem, you-know-what, so small? Why [...]

Top Ten Tips for Studying Abroad in Florence or Italy – Part II

In Part I of the top ten tips for studying abroad in Florence (or Italy), we covered the following topics: money, internet, modes of travel (planes, trains, and cars), appliances, and toiletries. And, as I recall, we did a totally kick-ass job. So, while we’re still on a roll, let’s hit five more tips to [...]

Florence on fire?! Nope. It’s just Easter.

It’s almost Easter! Hands down my favorite holiday after Christmas. I mean, some huge bunny hides chocolate for me? Who comes up with this stuff? AMAZING. So, in honor of this holiday I thought I would write a little something about Easter in Italy, which is really quite different.

There is chocolate, yes. It does come [...]

Top Ten Tips for Studying Abroad in Florence or Italy – Part I

So, you’re going to Florence to study abroad, eh? Thought about packing yet? Any idea what you’ll bring? Do you know how much that hair dryer weighs? Do you know where you’re landing and how to navigate the labyrinthine bowels of the often poorly designed airports?

Let me guess.


Well, hopefully you’re not leaving in the next [...]

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