Photo of the Week: Florence Street Art

Photo of the Week: Florence Street Art

As the waves of summer tourists begin to roll in, the few authorized spaces for street art in Florence become highly competitive. Works of art that can take up to 48 hours to finish have, at most, 24 hours to enjoy the light of day before they are washed away and the next artist has a turn at painting their own masterpiece. It’s the ultimate ephemeral art of the city. If you don’t grab a photo (and leave some change!) right then and there, it will likely be gone the next day.
The two smooth patches of pavement near the Mercato Nuovo (in front of Zara) are the most popular and highly coveted exhibition spaces in the city. They get a huge amount of foot traffic and, hence, the highest turnover of artworks. Because there are two spaces near each other, artists often work in pairs to paint two images that somehow relate. For example, opposite this image of the face of Botticelli’s Venus is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; two stunning examples of Italian beauty that couldn’t be more different. I wonder what will be there tomorrow.
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Art in Florence: Top Twenty Artworks to See Before You Leave

ART_IN_FLORENCEAs adamant fans of the art in Florence, it often breaks our hearts to hear that travelers to this fair city miss out on some of Florence’s renowned works. Of course there are many reasons to visit this multi-faceted town, but one of the main motivations has always been to see Florence’s breathtaking painting, sculpture, and architecture. According to UNESCO (although it may be a somewhat Western centric view), 60% of the world’s most important works of art are located in Italy and approximately half of these are in Florence.
Art_of_florenceEveryday we see tourists herded into the Uffizi and Accademia as if they are the only two museums in Florence and countless more make the mistake of thinking that because there is no line outside the many other museums and churches, that there is nothing to see inside. On the contrary, there are many places in Florence that are full of masterpieces and (relatively speaking) empty of tourists. In response to this trend, we’ve made this list of the art in Florence that (we believe) everyone should see before they leave (in truth, the list is WAY longer than this. We had to narrow it down. And then narrow again); some works will be familiar, while others, I guarantee, will be completely new.
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