Florence Fashion

Gucci_museumComing to Italy is a veritable fashion pilgrimage. While most people think of Milan as the fashion capitol of Italy, there are many important fashion houses that got their start right here in Florence. Guccio Gucci opened his fashion house in Florence in 1921, Salvatore Ferragamo in 1927, Roberto Cavalli was also a Florentine, as was Emilio Pucci. Understandably, we often have students who come to study fashion and textile design and we are always happy to oblige with various fashion-oriented activities. Clearly there is no shortage. Here are just a few that would satisfy any student of the art of moda and anyone looking for a slightly different angle in which to appreciate Florence as well as this countrywide passion.
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Blog Updates: Vintage & Shoe Shopping

The other day I went for a walk in centro while I was waiting to meet a friend and was struck by how many things had changed. This is Florence, Italy and stores do not typically come and go with nearly the speed or regularity as they do in most major American cities. In fact, most places in Italy are famous for remaining miraculously unchanged and wonderfully familiar each time you return. Perhaps this is why it struck me even more walking around a city I once believed I knew inside and out. This also got me thinking about some of our most popular blogs and if perhaps they were in need of an aggiornamento (update). Turns out, they were. So we’ve gone back and redone two of our followers’ favorites with updated addresses, phone numbers, and information while also adding some new tips and tricks to help you conquer the vintage and leather shoe world of Florence, Italy. Enjoy!
Tips for Shoe Shopping in Florence

Best Vintage Shopping in Florence

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Monthly Markets: The Florence Flower Market

It’s my favorite time again. Time to talk markets in Florence. In our posts thus far, we have covered the large monthly markets in the city. For those of you who can’t plan a journey around the second or fourth or whatever Sunday of a given month, we have a solution: weekly markets! Going forward, we will be highlighting some of Florence’s best weekly markets. Unlike the monthly markets, which tend to be during the weekends, most of the weekly markets fall on weekdays. For those of you whose schedule will permit a visit to one or more of these, I highly recommend it! These market “staples” are some of my favorite weekday activities. Although, word to the wise, those who can’t resist trinkets and treasures when they are sold in outdoor market form, may want to get in the habit of leaving their wallets at home.
Considering today is the first of April and the sun is shining outside, the Florence Flower market seems an especially appropriate start to this series. This particular weekly market falls on Thursdays and, as the name indicates, specializes in one thing: flowers & plants.flower_market Continue reading…

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Novità: New Favorite Store In Florence

All things new.
They may not be new to Florence, but they’re news to me.

company_storeI don’t want to pretend to be some savvy shopper who knows all the ins and outs of Florence’s consumer culture. But I do frequent the vintage spots and I do keep my eye open for those special stores that break the mold. Admittedly, there are not as many as you might think. Tourism being what it is, often the same store in a different form but selling the same paper, leather bound books, and renaissance inspired quills will do the trick.
Well a few weeks ago, I found one that broke the mold. Many molds. More molds than I knew there actually were.
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Monthly Markets: La Fierucola (Organic) Market

Welcome to our latest installment of Florence’s Monthly Markets! This is a particularly exciting entry because this may be – nay, it IS – my favorite market in Florence. I mean, I try and get friends to plan trips around being here for the third week of the month simply to partake in this joyous event. Clearly, I am partial.
For this month’s post, we are returning to the lovely piazza of Santo Spirito, where, on the 3rd Sunday of the month, the so-called Fierucola Market takes place. Also known (ummm…by me) as the “organic market,” their official website describes the offerings as falling into the categories of “organic farming on a small scale, manual crafts, and ‘common’ life.” Yes, yes, and perhaps something got lost in the translation on that last one. Either way, I’m in. Tell me more.
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