Travel Tips by Carrie: What to Pack

travel_tips_by_CarrieWhat to pack…
This question seems to plague many even when taking a trip as short as two days. Imagine a month or even a semester in Italy! I, on the other hand, love to pack. If you don’t believe me, see my Top Ten Tips for Packing Luggage or my Favorite Things series. At the end of my last vacation, I spent the evening with a friend packing her suitcases.
One of my very favorite things is the PACK THIS Packing List (see image below). It really is the ultimate travel and packing list, leaving nothing out. Well, okay, I think it leaves a few important things out. There are some items that are rarely included on standard packing lists and that I believe can make all of the difference. The good news is that you likely have all of these items at home already and they are all also light as a feather (AKA won’t contribute to that critical weight limit).
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Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

travel_tips_by_CarrieTraveling with jewelry can be a tricky task, even for the most seasoned traveler. Deciding what to pack, how to pack it, or what to pack it in may leave you frustrated.
It has happened that (in a mad dash to get out the door) I have opted to travel only with the jewelry that I had on and nothing else. As Julia Roberts once proclaimed, “Big mistake. Big. Huge!” Look, I’m not the girliest of girls and I don’t have piles of sparkly things lying around (I mean, they’re medium-sized piles), but I do love jewelry. I love the way a colorful necklace can take an ordinary outfit and make it a conversation starter. I love the way I feel when I switch from simple studs and flats to chandelier earrings and heels for an evening out. There’s no reason why you or I shouldn’t be able to enjoy our favorite jewelry and accessories when we’re away from home, right? Follow these tips for traveling with jewelry and I guarantee you’ll save yourself time, money, and the regret of under-accessorizing.
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Travel Tips by Carrie: My Favorite Things, Part I

Favoritethings. Julie Andrews sang all about them in The Sound of Music. You know, “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” Oprah still gives her favorite things away, too. Well, I can’t carry a tune and I can’t very well compete with Oprah and give away a parking lot full of cars. What I can do is share my favorite travel items. I actually have a long (and growing) list of favorite products and goodies that make my plane, train, boat, and car rides more enjoyable. For now, I am going to start with my Top 3 Favorite Travel Items that are (coincidentally) for the neck and up. Don’t worry, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll clue you in on my other favorites and those for the rest of the body and beyond. Just keep checking back with Travel Tips by Carrie! Continue reading…

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Travel Tips by Carrie

Welcome, fellow travelers! Whether you consider yourself a regular tourist, a hardcore adventurer, or a recurrent road tripper, my tips on everything related to travel are sure to help. I am here to inspire, motivate, and advise to ensure the success of all your future journeys – near or far. In this blog, you will find tips, “best of” lists, reviews, recommendations, and other ramblings all related to my passion: travel.

While most people love to travel, I (seriously) LOVE to travel and everything that comes along with it. Packing a suitcase full of extremely fragile souvenirs you’re determined to get home without a scratch? Give me a call. Can’t fit all your new clothes and gifts into the suitcase that was already packed to the brim when you left? Been there, done that. Not sure what you should see while vacationing in __________? No problem. I’ll send you my recommended sites list. Which airport should you fly into? I got it. Know a good travel app? I’m your girl.

I find inexplicable comfort and pleasure in planning, coordinating, investigating, packing, unpacking, and even packing for others. I’ve done it with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back. True story. Check out my Top Ten Tips for Packing Luggage blog to get started and come back for the latest and greatest in travel advice and know-how!

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