Happy Holidays from Florence!

It’s our second favorite time of year (first being the summer, obviously!) and we thought we’d give you a taste of the magic; lights strung from practically every street with the winter sun setting and splashing golden light everywhere. Sigh. Just another reminder, as if we needed another one, of how much we love this place. Hope to see you here soon!

Until then, happy everything and everything happy.


The team at Select Study Abroad

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Photo of the Week: Holidays in Florence

Photo of the Week: Holidays in Florence

Happy Holidays from everyone at Select Study Abroad!!

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Buon Natale! Happy Holidays, Italian Style

The holidays are by far my favorite time of year; the fresh smell of pine needles, the sweet sounds of carolers, and the blatant overuse of lighted decorations leading to temporary blindness. It doesn’t get much better than when Santa comes to town.

But what’s it like in Italy? Do they have pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint infused…well…everything? Do they celebrate Black Friday with discounts on their discounts? Are there therapy groups for Italians who get overwhelmed with shopping or depressed by the thought of 48 hours spent with close family? What are these magical days like for our European friends?

Sadly, I have never spent an actual Christmas day in Italy. The holidays always seemed to call me back home. I was however in Florence once very late into December (the 22nd…) due to some very poor planning. It was two years ago and Florence had one of its worst snowstorms ever. Ok…”storm” may be an exaggeration. Being from the east coast originally, a little white powder on the ground has never deterred me from my daily activities. However, I woke up that morning to a city that was literally shutdown. After walking down to my favorite coffee spot, I knew I was in trouble when I saw that almost every museum in town was closed. There was not a lost tourist or frantic Florentine to be seen. Continue reading…

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