Highlights From Our Final Trip: Venice & Verona

Venice_ItalyThere is no combination of cities that screams romance more than Venice and Verona. Verona, the city where Romeo and Juliet supposedly once lived, and Venice, the city where, if they had really lived, they would have spent their honeymoon. It’s nothing like anywhere else in Italy and there is no use trying to describe it in words, it simply must be seen to be believed. It’s always a favorite so we always leave it for last. With three days in this enchanting city we have plenty of time to see the sites, get lost in the winding streets, watch a glass blowing demonstration, ride a gondola, and take a special trip out to one of the smaller islands off of Venice that many people visiting for the first time never manage to see. This summer we ventured to the stunning and surreal Island of Burano. Enjoy!

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