Select Study Abroad & ADPi: Week two in Florence!

Rome_diamondsWeek two is coming to a close and we are looking forward to our weekend in Venice ahead! However, we are blown away, once again, at how much we were able to do in just seven days: Rome – three days of all the favorites from the Sistine Ceiling to the Colosseum and from Saint Peter’s Basilica to delicious Roman cuisine, a cooking class where we ate FOUR courses focused around different Italian cheeses (the fourth being tiramisu, which is made with mascarpone, a kind of sweet Italian cheese made from cream), we spent some time with the David (confirmed, he is NOT overrated), visited with one of the city’s oldest and most beloved shoes-makers extraordinaire, and watched a traditional Italian paper making demonstration. Of course, best of all was our visit to the Ronald McDonald house here in Florence, which, since we are already bursting at the seams this week, will have to wait to get its very own blog post (coming soon!).
Enjoy these highlights from week two: Continue reading…

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Select Study Abroad & ADPi: Week one in Florence!

It has officially been one week since these amazing ADPi sisters arrived and we have done…well…a lot. We took one week and packed in two weeks worth of activities. It makes us infinitely happy to say that all our students went to their first day of class having already wandered vineyards in Tuscany, posed with leaning tower in Pisa, ridden bikes in Lucca, made some new friends, hiked to Piazzale Michelangelo and the church of San Minato al Monte, climbed the dome of Florence’s cathedral AND the campanile (bell tower), photo bombed an engagement, eaten gelato at least twice (in most cases three or four times), tasted real Italian pasta, enjoyed some authentic Italian hospitality and even (we think) got some sleep. A better first week there has never (ever) been. Proof featured below:
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Alpha Delta Pi is going to Florence!

select-ad-pi-DIAMOND_2adpi_pack_your_bagsWe’re so excited to announce a new summer session dedicated to the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi! Get ready for an entire month abroad in Florence to travel, explore, and bond in Italy all while earning college credit!
If you’re an ADPi sister or know one, check out all the amazing adventures that await!

Let’s spread the word, because Florence is forever…

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Happy New Year!

Buon Anno!

May 2014 bring more adventure, more new places to visit, more eye-opening sites, more joy, and, of course, more Italy.

Looking forward to seeing you here soon!
The team at Select Study Abroad

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Last Days in Florence: Awards & Bloopers

Study_abroad_FlorenceGoing through pictures at the end of a session is one of my favorite activities. I get to relive the trips and remember all the amazing things we got to see, learn, eat, and experience. It’s like watching the summer unfold once again before my eyes and it always makes me a bit nostalgic even though, as I remind myself, our adventure only just ended. So today, in honor of our students (who made the adventure possible and who we really miss), I’ve written a special post. A post I would like to dedicate to another amazing summer, another amazing group of students, and another (temporary) farewell to Florence (try and stay away, I dare you).
Now, to ensure that no one gets to the end of this post weeping from Florence withdrawal, I took the liberty of adding a special section to lighten the mood. Here’s hoping you laugh as much as I did. To the amazing women of Select Study Abroad 2013! Miss you ladies!!Florence_forever Continue reading…

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